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Additional services

Occupational – Psychological Evaluation

Our internal bilingual psychologists are specialized in the processes of providing the best human capital in order to ensure the quality of the services through the performance and management of projective and psychometric tests such as: Wartegg, Human figure, Raven, MMPI, Rotter test, among others; in addition, they interview personally the candidates with the intention of evaluating competences for the proposed job through a competency model. We have tests used to verify skills, aptitudes, professional interests and personality features on which, we developed the psychological report for an effective decision making.

Medical Diagnosis (Pre / Post employment)

According to the legislation of each country, another of our services is the application of a complete Medical Diagnosis. The process is fairly transparent and done with the proper authorization of both, the employer and the future employee.

Verification of Work and Social References

This service is supported on a high level of confidentiality about the verification and management of social and work information of candidates and / or assigned employees, allowing in this way, to minimize the risks of hiring.

Management of Legal Compliance Documents

SGF Global also has a service to process documents and permits required by employees at the place where they will be hired, thus ensuring a complete compliance with the labor laws of each country.