SGF Global provides the following Services:

SGF Global can manage payroll and tax administration for contractors whilst processing timesheets, expenses and invoices. We have extensive knowledge and understanding of foreign tax regulations for locals and expatriates alike supported by our in-house legal departments and internationally reputed companies compliant in global tax policies. This solution cost effectively reduces and limits any burdens and liabilities to our clients providing immediate and transparent benefits.

A snapshot of just a few of the benefits of Payroll Services are:

˃  Reducing and minimizing the Client’s exposure and liability to potential Workers Compensation claims.
˃  Reducing and minimizing the Client’s Exposure and liability to potential Unemployment and Health Benefit claims.
˃  Provides an immediate cost effective solution as SGF undertake all administrative aspects of the cycle from invoicing and payments and all associated processes.
˃  Providing strategic workforce planning and management throughout the process in compliance with all local regulations.

SGF Global offers EOR solutions for worldwide companies as an alternative payroll solution. We place full legal employees, handling their payroll, compliance, benefits, taxes, insurance, workplace safety, administrative operations and many other transactions. This service gives the client the opportunity to improve their business and productivity.

This recruitment process has a lot of benefits, such as:

  Costs savings
•  Regulatory compliance for international and national savings
•  Time optimization
•  Improve cash flow

Permanent Placement – Direct Hire
Providing superior global talent aligned with the demands of today’s clients, SGF is able to consistently deliver accordingly through tailored solutions as one of its core competencies and ever evolving recruiting methodologies.

SGF provides candidates spanning an extensive breadth of categories and geographies through the specific requirements and demands of clients supported by multiple and global in-house recruitment teams, each with specialized areas of expertise and focus, that have the ability and technology to satisfy through specifically tailored technology and an in-depth database.

Temporary Hire – Contingent Labor
In a consistently variable marketplace, SGF has developed and aligned a recruitment process to provide candidates with very specific skillsets that can deliver immediate value. Having a global pool of candidates spanning a variety of industries and skills provides a comprehensive understanding of clients' objectives in order to satisfy demands.

Having a clear understanding and experience of augmentation programmes, SGF can effectively and responsively provide solutions that meets the requirements of clients delivering a cost effective and beneficial solution without compromise.

Temp to Hire – Contingent Labor
The contract to hire solution provides a balanced benefit for both the client and candidate transitioning from contract to permanent employment . Thus enabling the employer to garner the benefits and experience of the candidate prior to a permanent long term commitment and investment. As the term of the contract nears its completion, the relationship can become permanent with fluidity and simplicity or otherwise ended with no obligation or expense.

This benefit for the client provides a value added insight into the working relationship of a candidate within the organization thus providing greater clarity and comprehension of the specific skillset and capabilities of the desired candidate and their future and potential within the organization.

Project delivery and management services are key in today's business world, it has ceased to be a trend to become more of the norm in many of the industries we support. Project management is about completing objectives & deliverables in a timely manner, managing risks, and overcoming limitations to successfully deliver the expected results for our customers.

Key Indicators & Benefits:

˃  Fixed Pricing
˃  Access to a large pool of professionals
˃  Self managed resources
˃  Significant cost savings
˃  Commercial model
˃  Quality processes
˃  Shortened lead times for projects
˃  On time deliveries
˃  Completed projects within budget

The Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a solution specialized in human resources to transfer the recruitment process to an specific agency or company. In SGF Global, we offer this service to business or organizations that want to optimize and accelerate the process of massive permanent hiring.


1.  Value proposition to new talent
2.  Search of candidates
3.  Talent evaluation
4.  Negotiation of the offer
5.  Training and company induction

We provide effective training solutions through short duration specific courses or using comprehensive training programs focused on strengthening the intellectual and professional capabilities of our clients employees.

Our courses and training programs are characterized for implementing cutting edge methodologies created by our highly skilled instructors. We have our own methodology called LEARNING-BY-DOING.

˃ Engineering                      ˃ Maintenance
˃ Oil and Gas                       ˃ Safety, health and environment
˃ Project Management        ˃ Social Responsibility
˃ Business Management     ˃ Growth and Leadership


SGF Global have developed a tailored training method of “Learning by Doing” which is carried out by specialized consultants in order to facilitate expertise, content and methodology specific to each discipline.

The Program includes theoretical and practical activities where our instructors provide not only content but their own experience and expertise delivering programs into effective and practical knowledge that develop transfer tools for employees.

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